What we do

Parallel has two lines of business: The Creative Partnership Studio  and Strategic Investments 
  1. The Creative Partnership Studio
  2. These days, every brand’s a storyteller… but the best stories come from people, not brands.

    We build partnerships with creative talent who deliver unique perspectives and stories.

    Here’s our four-step Parallel Path for building partnerships:

    Opportunity Discovery — Determine partnership key goals and KPIs

    Talent ID — Leverage our team of Culturemongers™, consumer intelligence tools, and zeitgeist expertise to explore potential partners and content initiatives

    Negotiation — Structure and execute a partnership deal (generally a blend of equity, royalties, and upfront payment) with the right talent match

    Activation — Leverage the full power of the partnership with creative and production support

  3. Strategic Investments
  4. We invest in early-stage wellness companies interested in creative partnerships.

    Here are the main factors we use to evaluate investments:

    Wellness thesis — we’re drawn to companies that are broadening access to wellness in areas including physical, mental, financial, community, and environmental health. We particularly love companies that serve underserved markets, address unmet needs, and offer affordable solutions

    Fit for talent — Our goal is to partner our investments with talent partners; as a result we tend to gravitate towards consumer brands more than enterprise

    Readiness for partnership — We’re flexible on fundraising stage, but focus on post-launch companies that have achieved some product-market fit and have marketing resources to apply to partnership