How we work

We’re connectors and translators, helping companies forge meaningful business relationships with mission-aligned talent–and also often making our own investments into the partnerships in the process.

Here’s how we work with prominent talent  and mission-driven companies 
  1. Prominent talent
  2. We work with influential people who have a genuine interest in helping grow ambitious brands with wellness missions. Here’s our Parallel Path for working with talent and their teams:

    Brainstorm possible areas of interest and impact

    Evaluate potential partnerships, ensuring commercial viability and mission alignment

    Crew up a creative support team to help supercharge partnerships with complementary content

    Identify potential operational partners

    Align on opportunities, and help align incentives between brands and talent

    Execute on content to help realize the full potential of the partnership

  3. Mission-driven companies
  4. We invest in wellness-focused companies and help them build and leverage partnerships with authentic and influential talent. Here’s our Parallel Path for working with brands:

    Opportunity map to identify key goals and KPIs for talent partnerships

    Explore potential partners and accompanying content initiatives

    Structure partnerships with the right talent match

    Create content (alongside a brand’s in-house team when preferable) to leverage talent and activate the full potential of the partnership