Why are talent partners so important?

Having authentic champions for your brand has never been more important. Partnering with mission-aligned talent can help express your brand’s value and values to a community through an authentic ally who can also help grow brand awareness and loyalty.

How do I know talent partners have my best interest in mind?

We structure partnerships to ensure that incentives between talent and brands are aligned; we all succeed together.

Why can’t I just DM talent on Instagram/get in touch with them myself?

You could, but it’s usually not that easy. Parallel can help navigate the complex system designed to protect the time and bandwidth of talent that makes access tricky.

Do you facilitate talent partnerships without investment?

Occasionally, but generally speaking we like to have a stake in the full success of the partnership and business.

Where is your team based?

LA, mostly.

What if my company isn’t captured by the seven pillars of wellness?

We might have a different perspective, so if you think it’s close, please get in touch. If there is zero wellness connection to your product (i.e. you’re a cigarette company pioneering exciting new nonbiodegradable packaging) we’re probably not a good fit.

What is your geographic focus?

We’re open!

What do you look for in a potential investment?

We’re interested in companies with a clear focus on wellness that could make use of our talent and/or content services, so we tend to see more B2C, CPG, and media companies (but we’re open!).

How do you support your portfolio companies?

Please check out our How We Work section.